“The 5th therapy” movie synopsis The set of the novels by Stas Dombrovskyi was taken as the heart of the movie, ex-addict and ex-criminal, who found out, that he suffers AIDS in 15 years and set himself to the absolute self-destruction for the next two decades. Only laying on the deathbed in the prison therapy, knowing, that in two weeks he will be dead, Stas figured out, that most of all in this world he wants just to live. Being drug hazed or closed in the maximum security penal colony’s solitary cell for most of his time, he tries to overcome himself and his demons again and again.

He had to die, but unexpectedly his life gets new sense, and Stas pushes off the bottom, he had fallen down on. Now all his sober life consists of help to other people, who found themselves on his place This movie is about fear of the death. About the lowest point man can fall down to. Will he be strong and courage enough to bear up.